Fee Schedule Notice

2015 Fee Schedule Notice The following services and fees make up our fee schedule. You can find our fee schedule on our website at the following web link. 702arts.com/fee-schedule/. All clients that hire our company, our principals, our associates, our contractors and or our vendors are subject to our published fee schedule. Invoicing and Unpaid Invoices Please be advised the all clients are subject to late fees, administrative fees, legal fees and all fees associated with invoices that are not paid at the time a final invoice is presented, or by the agreed upon due date. Graphic Design – $50+/ Hour* Web Design – $125+/ Hour* Web Development – $250+/ Hour * AV Tech Support (Phone) – $50+/ Hour* AV Tech Work (Location) – $500+/ Day* Computer Tech Work (Location) – $700+/ Day* Video Tech Work (Location) – $600+/ Day* Contract Services – Based on agreed contract Consulting – $175+/ Hour based on 10 Hour Retainer Administrative Fees – $125+/ Hour* Late Fees – 5% of unpaid invoice amount per day Overdraft Account Fees – $35.00/ Fee Legal Fees – Associated with past due invoices * + Denotes variable rate depending on scope of work and agreed upon service rate. Hourly fees and overtime Hourly Fees are based on sixty minute intervals. Any time accrued past the sixty minute interval will count as a full hour of time. All service fee’s are based on a ten hour schedule with time and a half after 10 hours, and double time after12 hours. All employment is subject to all applicable laws of the state where the work was performed.